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Taking the time to honor our Earth

Taking the time to honor our Earth: As we walked into the sacred site of Moray in the #SacredValley of #Peru, we were sure to offer a #kintu of coca leaves to the land–before ever snapping one picture. A lesson of wisdom humbly passed to us by elder#JuanGabrielApazaLunasco of the #Qero nation. He nonchalantly mentioned that visitors usually only TAKE energy from these […]

Qero elder Juan Gabriel and myself were hosted on two KPFA radio shows in California

Elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lunasco and myself were hosted on two shows with KPFA radio in California 1.) with Caroline Casey 2.) then the second with Frank Sterling Both were amazing and fun. Thank you both for hosting us and empowering to spread the message! Caroline Casey realed us in with her humor […]

Honoring the sacred: A beautiful journey to Apu Shasta and the affirmation of a powerful offering

Offering soft Quechua prayers all along the path as we drove along the road up to the breath-taking Apu Shasta, elder Juan Gabriel expressed great gratitude for a successful return visit to this sacred power point of Northern California. It is beautiful to share such an experience.. and to have the opportunity to see, even […]

The Eagle greets the Condor.

A grand welcoming of Qero elder Juan Gabriel and the official commencement of the Yachay Waqychaq Journey. It comes with no surprise that as soon as Qero elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lunasco stepped into the streets of San Francisco yesterday afternoon, a beautiful Norther American Eagle soared straight overhead to greet his arrival. Marking the […]

November 28, Sedona, AZ

    Thanksgiving Day Feast and Indigenous ceremony. Celebrate and offer thanks to our ancestors, elders, and bountiful earth with a vegetarian feast hosted by Chocolatree Organic Oasis, and Qero fire ceremony with elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lunasco.

Sponsor an Elder

  SPONSOR AN INDIGENOUS ELDER If you are interested supporting the union of North and South American Indigenous leaders and empowering the cultivation of ancestral ceremony and healing traditions, please consider the following sponsorship options:   1.) Contribute funds or resources to Juan Gabriel’s Yachay Waqaychaq U.S Journey   We are working to obtain $6400 […]

Yachay Waqaychaq: U.S. Journey 2013

WHAT IS THE YACHAY WAQAYCHAQ JOURNEY? The Yachay Waqaychaq Journey is a vibrant cultural celebration of connecting ancient indigenous traditions of the Americas. Join us as Qero elder, Juan Gabriel Apaza Lunasco, journeys from South America to North America to share their wisdom through traditional Qero ceremony. As we come together in common intention, the […]


Paving the way in modern Indigenous Earth-Wisdom   What is the Tawantinsuyu Temple? The Tawantinsuyu Temple is an ecological multicultural center being built early 2014 in Cusco, Peru by indigenous elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lunasco of the Qero nation of Peru. Why are we building an indigenous Temple? Building the Tawantinsuyu Temple will serve as […]

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